Connecticut Film Initiative


CTFI seeks to serve as a professional film-making resource for Connecticut creatives of every niche. We foster togetherness through the production of original films that best showcase the strengths of artists, while encouraging the growth of lucrative film-making job opportunities in the state of Connecticut. 

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Casting Call

Pilot for web series development. Non-Union. Shooting locations in CT: TBA in early Spring. Most likely New Haven area. Compensation: travel cost & meals provided.

Otto Namir is just like every other millennial navigating his 20’s in the city. He has a dead end restaurant job, a few close friends, and a crippling mixture of anxiety and self-loathing. The only difference with Otto is that he is the second coming of Christ. Literally. But other than performing some miracles as a child, he hasn’t done much for anyone. And that whole rapture thing? TBD.

Then comes Edie. The first person that seems to accept Otto for who he is, without expectation. She’s individualistic, she’s tough, she’s loving- oh, and she’s also the anti-Christ. What unfolds is a chaotic dark comedy that explores that it truly means to be “good,” and what it takes to love unconditionally.

OTTO: Male 20-30, Open ethnicity/middle eastern
Otto Namir is the second coming of Christ, born as a Brooklyn millennial. He’s conflicted with the weight of this knowledge and his desire to live life as a normal dude. He’s compassionate, shy, unsure of himself. note on race-Otto doesn’t necessarily need to be middle eastern, but he does need to look accurate to what Jesus would have looked like geographically. No more blond haired blue eyed Jesus’s!

ANGEL: Male, 18-30, African-American/Latino/Open ethnicity
Ottos closest friend who he meets through work. Angel is funny, outgoing, always trying to pull Otto out of his shell. He also genuinely cares about Otto and his anxieties. Could possibly be younger and look up to Otto in a brotherly way.

MARA: Female, 20-30, Open ethnicity
Edie’s childhood friend and Angel’s new roommate-the social link between the other three characters. Mara is charismatic, has a quick wit, and a strong personality. Always looking for the next party and opportunity. Also the only person-aside from Edie’s mom-who knows what Edie is and keeps that secret for her (while also never taking it too seriously)

Please send a headshot (and resume if you have one/ wish to submit one) to [email protected] with the subject “PILOT” in the subject line.

Once we receive your email, we will send you sides to audition via video submission. We will send you more detailed instructions on your video audition once we receive your headshot!


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The mission of our Entertainment Division is to provide a platform to showcase the creative strengths of East Coast filmmakers through the production, promotion, and marketing of high-quality original films. Through our initiative, we strive to create an encouraging and creatively fluid environment, while remaining easily accessible to foster future careers in the film industry. CTFI produces films that foster pride and passion in our artists, allowing them to best implement and utilize their creative strengths.

Be Afraid; Do It Anyway

Short Dramatic Film
Written By:
 Dani Scott 

Directed By: 
Dani Scott & 
Christina Sciongay 
Director of Photography:
 Jonathan Henderson

This film explores the hardships of being a struggling artist in today’s society. How long can they struggle before they are tempted to leave their dreams behind? *Selected for the SheDirected competition for female filmmakers*

The Blend

Short Horror Film
Written By:
Heather Napier

An unsuspecting girl gets tricked into becoming a part of a sorority cult game.

Shivers: Episode 8

Found Footage Horror Film
Written By:
Joshua Novo

In the vein of classic EC Comics, a TV personality gets more than he bargains for when he decides to take on a disturbing and bizarre case of two girls and their doll. What’s left of him is the footage from his last episode…



The mission of our Film For Therapy movement is twofold: First, we create meaningful films with themes that will raise awareness for social causes, while simultaneously promoting a call to action. Secondly, CTFI’s Film For Therapy seeks to provide an artistic outlet for those overcoming afflictions with filmmaking as the medium. We are partnering with organizations across the state to collaborate with producing filmmaking projects of a variety of genres that advocate for social change.


Theme: The Disease of Addiction and Healing
Founder and Executive Director: Ana Gopian 

On May 5, we held a special screening to present the first Film for Therapy piece produced by the Connecticut Film Initiative, in conjunction with the Connecticut non-profit TriCircle Inc.

This was CTFI’s first Documentary Short and the first film from our Film for Therapy division. This piece aims to not only bring awareness to this disease of addiction, but to further the funding and growth potential of implementing Tricircle’s 3 phase plan.

Our premiere screening space was generously hosted at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare / Gaylord Hospital. Event photography courtesy of Bernie Staggers.


CT Alive

Theme: Thriving in Life After Domestic Abuse
Project Director of CT-ALIVE & Founder of Thriverzone: Susan Omilian

A documentary style piece that will showcase Thrivers as they live their best lives after coming out of abusive relationships. This work will be made to inspire current and new Thrivers, foster a message of strength and hope, while also bringing to awareness the non-profit CT- ALIVE and Susan Omilian’s Thriverzone workshops.


Danielle Scott – Actress, Writer, & Co-founder 

Dani is a marketing graduate from Emerson College in Boston. She spent two years in Los Angeles working in casting for television with Space Station Casting Studios and Uncut Casting while submitting talent and working in an agency with Green and Green Talent Group. Along with appearances on screen in film and television, she is currently performing on stage with the Ivoryton Players and also performed at The Kate with The Saybrook Stage Company. Dani is looking forward to bringing more film productions to CT!

Christina Sciongay – Actress, Writer, & Co-founder 

Christina has worked professionally in all genres of acting, spanning from comedy, drama, thriller and musical theater. She has studied comedy under sitcom star Richard Kline and has a foundation in the Meisner technique. Christina has earned roles in films for the Sundance Film Festival, Comedy Central and Lifetime Movie Networks. Christina has performed through the mediums of stage, television, voice-over and film, but with a particular passion for the film industry, she has also worked as a consultant and has been featured in interviews for Backstage Magazine and the Huffington Post.

In addition to the performing arts, Christina has studied Psychology at the University of Connecticut, where she was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies and named a Babbidge Scholar. She is excited to incorporate her love for the field of psychology into the Film For Therapy division of the CT Film Initiative. Christina has also worked with non-profit organizations including Youth Service America, the Children’s Miracle Network and served as a representative of the Miss America Organization. She hopes to bring additional opportunities of philanthropy to the state through the Film For Therapy movement.


Film for Therapy Graphic: We want to give a special thank you to Elsie Art for creating the graphic that launched our Film For Therapy movement. Our goal was to impart a message of the healing power of film, and being an artist herself, Lauren understood this completely. She provided an initial artistic sketch and font design that we immediately felt captured our goal perfectly. Thank you to Lauren for supporting our initiative and sharing her talents with us. Reach out to [email protected] for any illustrations, portraits or pencil art you may need!

We would like to thank Erin Moffat for inviting us to speak to her students at the Beacon Falls Youth Theater Group. We loved the opportunity to interact with the young actors and even attend a special rehearsal for their production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Reno/ Actor’s Gym: We want to give a huge thank you to Reno Venturi of The Actors Gym in Hamden. He was kind enough to open his studio space to CTFI and its members for our second production meeting. Being a man of many talents within the entertainment industry, including owning several of his own production companies, Reno has shown this initiative nothing but pure encouragement. We are so grateful for his hospitality and we look forward to working with Reno in the future! His classes at the Actors Gym have brought on board some amazing actors and talent that we are grateful to have interested in working with CTFI!

Noel/ Unit 2 Productions: Noel generously opened his space for our very first CTFI production meeting and it was a huge success! His Unit 2 Productions space was a great platform for members interested in making films come together and share our passion of filmmaking. Noel was very hospitable and was kind enough to show us his unique DIY film equipment which, he has used on numerous films and professional sets.

Studer Solutions: A massive thank you to Aaron Studer for being our amazing tech and website development guru! We can’t thank you enough for putting so much work, time and energy into developing our website! Thank you for being so patient with us and helping to walk us through everything technical. A huge thank you to Sophia Valentin for being kind enough to reach out and offer this help with our website development. Sophia has such an eye for graphic design and she was so in line with our vision. She helped us to create a beautiful page that is easy to navigate and eye-catching. As a team, Studer Solutions was uncanny in understanding our CTFI brand and helping showcase our initiatives goals and visions. Both Aaron and Sophia were patient with us as we gathered all our information, pictures, and continuously brainstormed ideas for the pages. Any actor, professional, and creative who needs a solid webpage to showcase their talents, these two are who you’ve been looking for! Websites are so important for the promotion of any brand or individual looking to branch out their network and working with Studer Solutions is such a positive experience with a very satisfying outcome! For website inquiries email: [email protected]

Karen Dionne of Karen Dionne Art Direction + Design: A huge thank you to Karen Dionne of Karen Dionne Art Direction + Design! We can’t thank you enough for helping us design and create a logo that encapsulates everything we wanted in a small visual piece! From the colors, the font and the film strip design, working with artists that also work visually was a fun and collaborative experience that reminded us why we love working in the visual arts! Karen understood how important and vital a logo was to help grow our business and build brand recognition and personality. Thanks so much for all you have done for us and your continued support in our initiative.

Christina sends a special thank you to Emily Cait Photography for her Co-Founder’s Headshot Photo. As a CT Photographer, Emily has been a friend of the initiative since inception. You can contact her at [email protected] for family, wedding, newborn and headshot sessions!

Robert Sciglimpaglia JR, Attorney at Law: Thanks so much to our attorney and fellow actor for helping us legalize paperwork and walking us through making the Connecticut Film Initiative an official LLC! We can’t thank you enough for your patience as we navigated through the legalities of starting a film business! Aside from his legal guidance, his support in our initiative as a talented SAG actor is so appreciated. We are lucky enough to have a great entertainment attorney and talented actor on our team! Thanks for all that you have done for us. This initiative literally, and legally, wouldn’t be what it is today without you!